I'm Adam. A front-end developer and full stack imposter. This is a collection of my notes on the state of the web, fancy new tech, lifestyle design and other fairly pointless shit.

14th March, 2021

Selling on Shopify in multiple languages

11st August, 2020

What is Headless Commerce?

30th June, 2020

Dynamic Pages in Nuxt.js

30th June, 2020

How to build a Jamstack website with Nuxt.js and Vue.js

8th April, 2020

Server Side Rendering is not part of the Jamstack

2nd January, 2017

How to (just about) reach your New Year resolutionss

14th August, 2016

Why I think the freelance economy is going to the shit.

12nd January, 2016

Thank You, David.

7th January, 2016

How to survive as a working 16-year-old