Dear David Bowie

After hearing the terrible news, I switched to memory mode; remembering how you and your music has influenced my life.

This summer was a life changing time for me. I started going to parties and meeting new people, trying new things. I met a girl, I met new friends, I learnt of new music, I learnt to skateboard.

During all of these new experiences, I would always be listening to “Rebel Rebel” (Perhaps a metaphor for my life at the time?) or skating down the street to “Let’s Dance” — You were there throughout.

It was not simply the music, though. Your performances, your dresses, your make-up. The way you portrayed the music instead of simply performing it. These things fascinated me. From the moment I first heard “Life on Mars?” in my Dad’s car one Sunday afternoon, to the morning I heard that you’d gone — I was simply fascinated.

This fascination gave me the confidence to break from the confining shell that was slowly begining to become a permanent fixture. I have been able to not care what the judgemental people believe. I’m not suggesting that I painted my face with a giant bolt of lightning, threw a dress on and pranced down the street, but I was able to express what I love and not give a damn what any one thinks.

And so with that, I thank you.